What’s Flip?

Getting covered should be simple, straightforward and hassle-free. That's why we've created Flip – lightning fast cover with no lock-in contracts, and cash straight to your bank account if you're injured in an accident.

It doesn't matter if you're on an epic adventure, exploring underwater or just biking to work.

Why we exist

Getting injured is part of the whole 'active' thing. We get it. We all know what it's like looking for insurance, but not understanding a word of the PDS, not trusting to be covered, or actually get paid out for the types of injuries we get.

So, we set out on a mission to create cover that protects people like us. Cue Flip.

How we made it happen

We've heard people say Flip sounds too good to be true. That's what we thought when we started out, too.

We spent months passionately challenging actuaries and legal teams as well as taking hundreds of adventurers like you - from cyclists to climbers, sea urchin foragers (we know) to bullriders - along every step of the journey. We tested every aspect of Flip with customers: from the type of injuries we cover, to the accessibility of our colourful PDS.

So we guess they were right - Flip does sound too good to be true - yet here you are, reading all about us.

Our values

Our values are important to us. They're what we live, breathe and promote, within each other, the Flip community and the industry:


We believe in making protection as transparent and straight-forward as possible. No complexity, no jargon.


We strive for our customers to be adventurous, while also pushing ourselves to explore the new.


We are trustworthy, reliable and understanding. We're the champion of our customers.


Accessibility, affordability and approachability (say that three times fast). We believe that everyone should have access to quality protection.


We're relatable and optimistic. We aim to revolutionise the perception of insurance.

Our promise

We promise to be on your side. We actually want to protect your health and pay out your claims, to avoid confusing you at all costs, and to empower you to do the things you love.

Want to know us better?

Check out our Instagram - we know some pretty cool spots

Check out our Spotify - we've got the best tunes to ride, climb and explore to

Read more about how we work - our team is pretty cool (if we do say so ourselves)

Tell me more about Flip

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