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Epic bike ride planned? Going skiing? Jumping out of a plane?
Boost doubles your cover for the day, for just $6 extra

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How Boost works


Activate Flip Always On subscription

$9 per week for up to $20,000, depending on your injury


Boost instantly, or schedule for later

Just head to your dashboard and hit that big Boost button


Adventure timeee with double cover

Twice the cover for just $6 extra per day

Boost in action

For Kirra, Saturday arvos are all about scaling outdoor crags. Last week, she sprained her pinky finger on a nasty little crimp.

Luckily, she Boosts her cover every Saturday for extra protection. Because her doctor was covered by Medicare, her costs were $7.88 for a finger splint and $32 for a cab to the doctor.

She lodged her claim and received $400 straight to her bank account. That left $350 to replace her bruised crash pad and $10.12 for crypto.

What does Kirra get?

With Boost ($6 extra per day)


Caaaash money for new climbing toys

Without Boost


Expenses covered, plus some change

*Yo…Kirra (+ her medical expenses) are fictional, so check yourself...but you get the gist, right?


Olive had a date with a sk8rboi (risky for more reasons than 1). When he saw the 10ft vert ramp, he grabbed his phone to sneakily turn his Boost on.

He slam-dunked into the rails and needed hip surgery asap. With his Boosted cover, he received $4,000 after his surgery.

Surgery sorted with spare change to shout pizza for a 2nd date with sk8rboi.

What does Olive get?

With Boost ($6 extra per day)


Surgery covered + hot date 🥰

With standard Flip cover


Some $ for surgery + hangry sk8rboi

*Yo…Olive (+ his medical expenses) are fictional, so check yourself...but you get the gist, right?


Rodrigo’s going trekking in the bush with his (slightly feral) mate Jono. An ambulance could be exxy given their remote location 😟 Time to schedule a Boost.

Rodrigo was no match for the slippery rock and knocked out his beautiful smile! He received $4,000 payout after having major dental surgery.

$1,400 to cover what he spent on the ambulance, $2,500 to cover the surgery costs and the other $100 on the ice cream he’d be having for meals in recovery.

What does Rodrigo get?

With Boost ($6 extra per day)


Free ride  + new teeth  + ice cream

With standard Flip cover


Big payout, but even bigger bills

*Yo…Rodrigo (+ his medical expenses) are fictional, so check yourself...but you get the gist, right?

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