So flipping flexible.

Cover for the day, or ongoing subscription cover.

Compare Flip’s two flexible and affordable options to see which best fits your lifestyle. Notice we don’t have a ‘sign your life away’ plan? With Flip, there are no lock-in contracts ever.

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With Flip, you’ve got two main options - a Day Pass for a single day of cover, or an Always On subscription for ongoing protection.

But don’t stress, you’re not locked into one or the other (we see you, commitment-phobes).

You might want cover for a day this week, and cover for the whole of next month, but no cover for the next 6 months. It’s all good - with Flip, the choice is all yours.

Day Pass

If you want cover on a specific day pay

per day
  • Commitment level

    Zero. Just pay for the days you want cover

  • Instant activation?

    Yep. Start cover in minutes

  • Can I Boost?

    Nah. Double payouts are only available with an Always On subscription

  • Book ahead?

    Sure. Organised types can cover upcoming events, trips, or regular activities up to 3 months ahead

  • Cover amount

    Up to $20,000 depending on your injury

Always On Subscription

If you want full-time cover, subscribe for

per week
  • Commitment level

    Teeny. You can literally cancel any time

  • Instant activation?

    Yep. Get covered in minutes

  • Can I Boost?

    Absolutely. On days you feel most at risk, Boost doubles your payout and costs just $6 extra per Boost day 🚀🚀

  • Book ahead?

    Nope. Always On starts when you activate it. But you can book a Boost in advance when your Always On is active

  • Cover amount

    Up to $20,000 depending on your injury with Always On, or up to $40,000 depending on your injury with Boost

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