Direct Debit Customer Service Agreement

The following is your Direct Debit Customer Service Agreement with us, Flip Insurance Pty Ltd (Flip or we) ABN 71 648680 960. This agreement applies when you are paying using a direct debit facility with a bank, building society or credit union account or credit card, and details your rights and responsibilities when undertaking a direct debit arrangement with us. At Flip, we are committed to providing you with a direct debit service that you’ll have confidence in. We guarantee to abide by this service agreement so that a trusting relationship is maintained between Flip and you.

Your rights and commitments

  • Your debit amount will not vary unless:
    • you have outstanding premiums
    • you change your level of cover which has a different premium rate; or
    • the premium rate changes (which we commit to you will not occur without 30 days’ notice, see below).
  • To cancel your direct debit arrangements, or request deferment of your premiums, you may either notify Flip by phone or email no later than 2 business days prior to your next debit date. Otherwise, you may contact your financial institution.
  • You should be aware that direct debit may not be available on all your financial institution accounts. You should check your details against a recent statement from your financial institution, or if uncertain, contact your financial institution before completing any direct debit request.
  • It is your responsibility to advise Flip if you close your account or if your account or credit card details change (including the card expiry date).
  • Where the account or credit card is not in your name (as it appears on your Certificate of Cover), you should be aware that the account holder is entitled to cancel the direct debit.

Our rights and commitments

  • We will advise you of any change in premium rates and that change will come into effect at least 30 days from the date we notify you of the change.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your direct debit if three or more consecutive debits are returned unpaid from your financial institution. Flip will advise you if alternative payment arrangements need to be made to ensure your Flip cover continues.
  • We will not vary any terms of this direct debit arrangement without providing at least 14 days’ notice to you.
  • If we have taken the wrong amount from your account please contact Flip on (03) 6161 3547 during business hours or email and one of our staff will arrange a refund within 24 hours. We aim to resolve all issues within 7 working days of being notified by you. If for any reason it will take longer, we will advise you  of the reason and an estimated resolution date. Where the problem arises with your financial institution, we will liaise with them and keep you updated.  You may also contact your financial institution.
  • We will advise your financial institution to debit your selected account or credit card on your debit date. If your debit date occurs on a non-business day, the debit will be made on the next business day.  The exact time of the debit depends on your financial institution, please contact them if you require it.


The Flip privacy policy explains:

  • how we collect, use, disclose (which may include obligations to overseas recipients in compliance with its privacy obligations), keep and secure personal information;
  • how to opt out from direct marketing;
  • how to request access to a correction of your personal information; and
  • how to complain about a privacy breach.

Information may be required to be provided in connection with claims relating to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit.  For a copy of this policy, email, call our team on (03) 6161 3547 or go to