So flipping simple.

Get injured. Get paid. Get better.

Flip’s not like regular insurance. There are no eye-watering policy documents to wade through. No confusing forms. No tedious claims process. We’ve worked our buns off to make this easy for you, every step of the way.

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Create a Flip account

  • Join the Flip fam in under a minute.
  • We’ll ask three quick questions, and you’re done.
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If you get injured, make a claim in minutes

  • Start by gathering some evidence (within the relevant time period)
  • Go to your Flip dashboard to submit your claim
  • Submit your claim in less than 5 minutes 👌
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Cash straight to your pocket

  • If we approve your claim, we pay cash to your bank account 💸
  • Spend your cash however you want (seriously)
  • Cover your out-of-pocket medical expenses or rehab, or buy comfort food or brand new gear. Totally up to you.
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To Boost or not to Boost?

  • Super-size your cover on days you feel most likely to get injured
  • Boost is only available when your Always On subscription cover is active
  • On Boosty kinda days, pay $6 extra per day to double your payout 🚀🚀
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Activate your cover

  • When you’re ready, choose the cover that fits your lifestyle
  • There’s no waiting period, cover starts straight away
  • Remember to check the PDS and TMD to check that Flip’s right for you
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Flip's Injury Insurance in action

Maddy wiped out and broke a tooth when trying a new trick #skateboardfails.
She saw a dentist, made a lightning-fast Flip claim, and got paid straight up cash to cover the medical costs. With a bit to spare for some ice cream 😁🍦.

What does Maddy get?

With Flip ($9 a week)


(straight up cash - stoked!) 🤑

Without insurance


(why, Maddy, why?) 😭

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