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We’ve made claiming painless. Claim in a few minutes. Get paid fast. Check out this claims overview to see just how easy it all is.

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How to make a Flip claim

Get your sh*t together.

  • See a relevant health professional within 2 weeks of your accident for minor injuries. Get surgery or major dental sorted within 6 months

  • Get a medical note as evidence of your injury. Make sure it includes the:

    • health professional’s name and provider number
    • time of the accident
    • cause of the injury
    • diagnosis
  • For even faster assessment of your claim:

    • grab witness details
    • photos of the accident (like pics of where it happened or your mangled bike 😥)
    • proof of the activity (like a Strava screenshot that shows the time)

Make a claim in minutes.

  • Go to your Flip dashboard

  • Answer a few questions, like where and when the accident happened, and what you were doing at the time. Be as detailed as you can, it can speed the whole process up

  • Upload the evidence you gathered in Step 1

  • We don’t need to see your medical bills. We don’t reimburse your expenses. We just give you a set payout depending on your injury

  • It’s flipping easy and takes less than 5 minutes 👌

Get paid fast. Straight up cash 💸

  • We’re on your side. We actually want to pay your claim. Getting you on the road to recovery and back out doing what you love is literally why we exist. So as long as you’ve given us all the evidence we asked for and everything stacks up, you’ll get paid, fast

  • We don’t pay your medical professionals, we pay you. Straight up cash, straight to your bank account

  • Spend your cash however you like (yep, seriously). Doctor’s bills. Physio. Naturopath. Netflix. Pizza. New kicks. Whatever. You. Want.

  • P.S. we obvs won't pay your claim if it's for something we don’t cover or if it’s fraudulent

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