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How to make a claim

Simple claims so you can focus on recovery

With our Flip Insurance mobile app, we’ve made claiming as painless as possible to help you have your claim approved and get cash in your pocket.

We’ve taken the pain out of claiming

Making a claim is easy, quick and digital. No complicated, lengthy or old-school paperwork — just a secure and streamlined process handled through our Flip Insurance app.


Bespoke Claim Journey

Your insurance needs are unique, and so is your claim journey. Whether you’re claiming under Flip Roaming, Flip Kids or Flip Active, we’ll guide you through the process efficiently.


Instant Coverage Verification

We know your time is precious and that you won't want to waste time on claims that won’t be covered. Our app instantly verifies whether your cover was active at the time of the accident.


Guided Experience

We want to approve your claim. So, in our app you’ll find clear instructions on the evidence needed to process your claim and how to directly upload photos to support your claim.


Secure Information Handling

We take your privacy and security seriously. Our app is encrypted to give you the confidence to know that your personal information and claim details are secure.


Streamlined Claim Submission

No need to re-submit additional claims for an accident you've already reported. Easily submit additional claims related to a previous accident without having to recount the details all over again.


Save and Resume Drafts

Life is busy, and we understand that. That’s why you can save and resume your claim drafts. ‘Come and go’ as you please, without losing any progress.

How to make a Flip claim

  1. Gather evidence of your injury
  2. Download the Flip Insurance app
  3. Start a claim and follow the prompts
  4. Get paid fast. Straight up cash 💸

Download the Flip Insurance app on Google Play or the Apple App Store

Having issues claiming? Contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the cash payouts?

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You can use your cash however you like.

Here’s a list of some of the things people generally spend their money on when they get injured:

  • casting material, moon boots, braces, slings, splints or crutches
  • specialist gaps from the physio, dentist or surgeon
  • anaesthetist fees
  • ambulance fees
  • transportation if you can’t drive like Ubers and taxis
  • assistance while injured like getting a baby sitter, dog sitter or food delivery

My Flip accidental injury insurance wasn’t turned on at the time of my accident. Can I claim?

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No. With Flip accidental injury insurance, you’re covered for a range of accidental injuries that happen while your insurance is active.

This means you’re not covered for anything that happens before your insurance starts or after it ends.

To see when your insurance starts or ends, head to your Flip Dashboard and look for your Certificate of Insurance.

How do you know when I had my injury?

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When you submit your claim, you’ll need to provide proof of your accident and injuries, including where and when they happened.

I have an illness or health condition. Can I claim?

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Flip accidental injury insurance covers injuries caused by accidents. Illnesses, health conditions, or injuries not caused by accidents aren’t covered.

When will I get my claims payout?

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Once your claim is approved, we’ll organise the cash straight away. Whilst we hope the money gets to you ASAP, this can depend on your bank and business hours.

We’ll never take more than 5 business days to send your cash once your claim is approved.

I’m making a claim on behalf of a Flip customer who is badly injured and can’t make the claim themselves. Where do I start?

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We're so sorry to hear that. Please contact our helpful team so we can kick-start the process for you.

Who’s considered as a Health Professional?

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A Health Professional is a registered medical practitioner or dentist in Australia or New Zealand, relevant to your injury. Examples of registered medical practitioners include general practitioners, surgeons or registered nurses. Physiotherapists are not registered medical practitioners.

What are the maximum claim limits?

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Once we’ve paid you $50,000 in cash payouts for Flip Active or Kids, or $70,000 for Flip Roaming, your insurance will end and you won’t be able to buy further cover under Flip’s insurance product range.

What Flip users are saying

I would highly recommended Flip insurance, the claim process is exceptionally easy to navigate and all information for the process explained. My claim was processed and approved within a couple of hours. A very positive insurance experience which is a rarity nowadays! Well done to the Flip team!
Bodhi S
Flip were incredibly easy to work with and the process of putting in a claim is super simple. It is so easy to switch on your cover even if you think you don't need it. I highly recommend anyone who is active like me, who loves extreme sports, to get cover with Flip.
Carter G
The claim process is as straightforward as it could possibly be!
Daniel M | Mountain biker
I received great service from Flip, the communication was clear and professional and they helped me out when I needed it. The coverage is great, it covers all it needs to!
Dougal | Mountain biker
Flip is simple and I can choose exactly when I want cover. Signing up literally took less than two minutes. Being able to cancel when I don’t need it and get cover again when I do is perfect for my lifestyle.
Marie | Yogi | Runner | Cyclist
Person Climbing a hill on sunset
I’m always skeptical of insurance products and it being too good to be true, so need to find the catch. Not this time Flip’s the real deal.
Stitch | Runner | Boxer | Noob mountain biker
Mountain Bike Accident
Between all of my sports, I probably get injured more than most. I feel super protected with Flip because it helps with out of pockets gaps, and random expenses. I wouldn’t be without it for the peace of mind.
Ege | Soccer player | Indoor rock climber | Snowboarder
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