Accidental Injury Insurance

Want protection for your most active days?

Have peace of mind with short-term personal insurance for you or your kids. Get cover for accidental injuries. Pay only when you need cover. Activate instantly or schedule up to 12 months ahead, with no waiting periods or lock-in contracts.

If you or your kids get injured in an accident, lodge a claim and get cash payouts for eligible claims.

Why Flip?


Turn cover on when you need it, turn it off when you don’t.

No waiting periods

Get instant cover in a few taps, no quotes or delays.

Designed for speed

100% digital. Lightning-fast sign-up, claims and payouts.

Easy to understand

Straightforward without the jargon. No hidden catches.

On your side

We want to pay your claims and avoid confusing you.


Backed by HCF, Australia's largest not-for-profit health insurer.

Toggle it  
  when you need it, flip it off when you don’t.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flip’s on-demand accidental injury insurance?

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It is a type of personal insurance that provides cover if you have an injury from an accident. Flip has a range of accidental injury insurance products that offer cash payouts for eligible accidental injuries that happen whilst you're covered. There are no waiting periods and no cancellation fees. You can use your cash however you like, whether it’s on medical costs that aren’t covered by your insurance, Ubers to your appointments, or getting a babysitter or food delivery while you’re out of action. Whatever works for you.

Can I buy a Flip product to cover other people?

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Flip Kids (ages 5-17)
Must be bought by the kid’s parent or legal guardian. If you’re within this age range and want to be covered, chat to your parent or legal guardian about getting covered with Flip.

Flip Active (ages 18-64)
If you're aged between 18 and 64 and want to buy Flip Active, you can only buy that to cover accidents that happen to you - not accidents that happen to other people.

Flip Roaming (ages 5-64)
You can buy Flip Roaming on behalf of a child aged 5-17 living in Australia, if you are their parent or legal guardian.Flip Roaming can’t be purchased on behalf of another adult, or another child who is not your child.

For a Group (Group Active)
We also offer Group Active Policies for events, groups, teams or clubs. If you’re interested, reach out at

Can I get covered for accidents at work?

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One of the few things we don’t cover are accidents that happen while working.

We do have an exception to this rule, which is if your job is sport related such as a sports coach or professional athlete.

If you’re wanting insurance solely for accidents at work, and your job is not sports related, please consider if this is the right insurance for you.

What countries am I covered in?

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Flip Active and Flip Kids
Can cover you in Australia or New Zealand.

Flip Roaming
Can cover you in Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Fiji, Switzerland, Norway, All member countries of the European Union (at the time you purchase the cover), and the United Kingdom.

My activities are really high-risk. Will you cover me?

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We cover most activities, so it’s easier to list the activities we don’t cover:

  • motorcycling (which includes dirt biking)
  • anything illegal
  • accidents while working (unless your work is sports related e.g. tennis coach)
  • anything that happens outside of a covered country

We do have an exception to this rule, which is if your job is sport related such as a sports coach or professional athlete.

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We're backed by HCF Life, which is owned by Australia's largest not-for-profit health insurer, HCF