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Accidental injury insurance for 5-17 year olds. Parents or legal guardians can buy cover on behalf of their kids, for peace of mind for the kids' most active days.
Up to $50,000 cash payouts on approved claims. Check the benefits.
Cover while doing almost any activity. Check the list of what's not covered.
Get injured. Get cash. Get better. See how it works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to buy Flip Insurance?

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Flip currently welcomes people that live in Australia, between the ages of 5 and 64.

This includes international students, people on working holiday visas and people on temporary working visas.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy our current product if you or your child:

  • don't live in Australia
  • are temporarily in Australia as a tourist

What counts as an accident or accidental injury?

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An Accident is a sudden, unexpected event i.e. you can pinpoint the precise time and location of when it happened.

An Accidental Injury / Injury is an acute injury or other physical damage to a person’s body that is caused by an Accident, and is unintentional.

It doesn’t include:

  • chronic injuries, like injuries from overuse, repetitive motion or wear and tear
  • accidents that happened before your insurance started or after it ended
  • medical episodes or medical conditions like illnesses
  • injuries caused by surgery or medical care.

My activities are really high-risk. Will you cover me?

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We cover most activities, so it’s easier to list the activities we don’t cover:

  • motorcycling (which includes dirt biking)
  • anything illegal
  • accidents while working (unless your work is sports related e.g. tennis coach)
  • anything that happens outside of a covered country

We do have an exception to this rule, which is if your job is sport related such as a sports coach or professional athlete.

My Flip accidental injury insurance wasn’t turned on at the time of my accident. Can I claim?

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No. With Flip accidental injury insurance, you’re covered for a range of accidental injuries that happen while your insurance is active.

This means you’re not covered for anything that happens before your insurance starts or after it ends.

To see when your insurance starts or ends, head to your Flip Dashboard and look for your Certificate of Insurance.

What evidence do I need to provide?

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Click here to find out more about making a claim.