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Peace of mind for life’s adventures.

Life is about moments that matter. Pushing yourself to go further, faster, higher. Breathing fresh air, watching sunrises. We’re here to help you enjoy every moment, offering cover only when you need it, and cash payouts for eligible claims if you're injured in an accident.
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Our story

Insurance made for today

We exist to help you enjoy more of the moments that matter.

Up until now, insurance has been expensive, confusing and inflexible. We’ve heard too many times that people can be covered for all sorts of things they’d never need, at times they didn’t need it, or not covered when they needed it the most.

That’s why we created Flip. We believe everyone should have access to affordable, flexible cover that protects them from the financial impact of accidental injuries so they can get out there and do more of the things they love.

Where it all began

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Flip was founded in 2021 by HCF, Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer, to help underinsured Australians protect themselves from the financial pain of injuries.

Innovation runs deep

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We've completely changed how people can protect themselves from unexpected injury costs with our Australian-first, pay-as-you-need cover.


Launched Australia’s first on-demand accidental injury insurance


Introduced Japan Pass for the Japan snowsport season


Updated purchase options to better suit customer needs


Created Group Active, a policy option for event and sport group hosts


By popular demand, launched Flip Kids to cover their injuries


Launched Flip Roaming, our accidental injury insurance option for Australians abroad

We’re not done yet

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Every day, we challenge ourselves to keep innovating. We push the limits of what’s possible. We want to fill insurance gaps in new ways to protect our customers better. We’ve got some exciting projects in the pipeline, so watch this space.

What Flip users are saying

I would highly recommended Flip insurance, the claim process is exceptionally easy to navigate and all information for the process explained. My claim was processed and approved within a couple of hours. A very positive insurance experience which is a rarity nowadays! Well done to the Flip team!
Bodhi S
Flip were incredibly easy to work with and the process of putting in a claim is super simple. It is so easy to switch on your cover even if you think you don't need it. I highly recommend anyone who is active like me, who loves extreme sports, to get cover with Flip.
Carter G
The claim process is as straightforward as it could possibly be!
Daniel M | Mountain biker
I received great service from Flip, the communication was clear and professional and they helped me out when I needed it. The coverage is great, it covers all it needs to!
Dougal | Mountain biker
Flip is simple and I can choose exactly when I want cover. Signing up literally took less than two minutes. Being able to cancel when I don’t need it and get cover again when I do is perfect for my lifestyle.
Marie | Yogi | Runner | Cyclist
Person Climbing a hill on sunset
I’m always skeptical of insurance products and it being too good to be true, so need to find the catch. Not this time Flip’s the real deal.
Stitch | Runner | Boxer | Noob mountain biker
Mountain Bike Accident
Between all of my sports, I probably get injured more than most. I feel super protected with Flip because it helps with out of pockets gaps, and random expenses. I wouldn’t be without it for the peace of mind.
Ege | Soccer player | Indoor rock climber | Snowboarder
Snowboarder Performing a Jump

Meet the team

We’re climbers, skiers, yogis, cyclists and big-picture thinkers who know firsthand the highs and lows of an active lifestyle. We started Flip Insurance in 2021 to provide simple, flexible, affordable cover to protect under-insured adventurers.

Sofia Lemaitre

Head of Insurance

Gus Gambarini

Head of Engineering

Zac Hancock

Head of Growth

Leo Hillary

Head of Product

Hannah Thomas

Partnerships Manager

Kai Yang

Lead Front End Engineer

Katja Feary

Lifecycle Marketing Manager
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We're backed by HCF Life, which is owned by Australia's largest not-for-profit health insurer, HCF

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Flip is changing how people think about insurance. Thousands of weekend warriors, thrill seekers and adventure lovers use Flip as flexible, affordable and simple cover for their activities.

Want a behind-the-scenes scoop?

Flip it on when you need it, flip it off when you don’t.

How Flip helps

Injuries are part of an active life, but Medicare doesn’t cover everything. Treatment for injuries can be expensive, with hidden costs that leave you out of pocket during recovery. Enter Flip - Australia’s first pay-as-you-need cover for accidental injuries.


Not covered by medicare

Medicare doesn't cover physio in most cases and each session can cost $80-$150.

Not covered by medicare

You could miss shifts at work because you need to rest up.

Not covered by medicare

Ambulances are not covered by Medicare and can start from $400 in NSW or $1,000 in ACT for emergencies.

Not covered by medicare

Dental injuries can cost you thousands. A dental implant or a crown could cost over $2,000.

Not covered by medicare

You could miss shifts at work because you need to rest up.

Not covered by medicare

Don't want to sit on a public waiting list? Surgery in a  private hospital can cost thousands, even with private health insurance

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Get covered instantly before you do (nearly) any activity or hobby.
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Flip covers accidents that are a result of Rock Climbing
Unfortunately Flip doesn’t cover accidents as a result of Motorcycling
We don't have that in our list. Unless it is motorcycling, illegal or booze related then it is good to go!
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Insurance that’s flexible

With Flip, you can get cover starting from $7 a day.
  • Activate instantly, no waiting periods
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Get cash payouts for eligible claims
  • Lightning fast cover
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Flip?

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Flip is an insurance cover provider. We’re owned by HCF Life, a subsidiary of Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund, HCF. The Flip company was founded in 2021, and we set out on a mission to create insurance that people love by daring to be different.

What makes Flip Insurance different from the others?

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Our mission is to create insurance that people love, by daring to be different.

This is how we do it:

  • We embrace people with active and adventurous lifestyles
  • Our application and quote process is uncomplicated and straightforward
  • We’re fully digital, even our claims
  • There are no waiting periods
  • We pay cash that you can spend however you like
  • We don’t exclude you or hike the price up just for you.

Can I trust Flip?

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Of course. Flip products are issued by HCF Life, a wholly owned subsidiary of Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer, HCF. We’re legit.

Who is Flip for?

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Flip currently welcomes people that live in Australia, between the ages of 5 and 64. This includes international students, people on working holiday visas and people on temporary working visas. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy our current product if you or your child don't live in Australia or are temporarily in Australia as a tourist.

Should I get accidental injury insurance if I already have Medicare and private health insurance?

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We can’t give you personal financial advice. It’s up to you to decide whether Flip is the right fit for you, but Flip accidental injury cover can be suitable if you are looking for a product that provides a cash payout and reduces the financial impact of the accidental injuries covered by it.

In the meantime, here’s a list of some of the things people generally spend their money on when they get injured:

  • casting material, moon boots, braces, slings, splints or crutches
  • specialist gaps from the physio, dentist or surgeon
  • anaesthetist fees
  • ambulance fees
  • transportation if you can’t drive like Ubers and taxis
  • assistance while injured like getting a babysitter, dog sitter or food delivery