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Insurance for Urban Rec athletes

Flip and Urban Rec have partnered for 2023 to cover a range of players accidental injuries. Whether you play socially once a week, or every day of the year, Flip has affordable, flexible, insurance options that can work with your playing schedule.
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Flip Active

Pay for cover on the days you need it
$4 per day
Usually $7 per day

Flip Active Subscription

Subscribe to be covered all the time. Cancel anytime.
20% off a Monthly Subscription
Usually $40 per month

Protect yourself (and your wallet) with accidental injury insurance

  • Fast sign up
  • Instant cover
  • Schedule game or training days in advance
  • Pay per day, per week or on a Monthly Subscription
  • Cancel anytime before cover starts
  • Gather your evidence and submit claims quickly
  • Get up to $50,000 in cash payouts depending on your injury
*Offer valid until December 31, 2024 The $4 Day only applies to Flip Active Day. The 20% discount applies to your first purchase. You will receive 20% off the first month of a monthly subscription. Subscriptions can be cancelled any time.

Transparent Accidental Injury Cover

Insurance can be overwhelming, but not with Flip. We've created accidental injury cover that's easy to understand, with no complicated add-ons or hidden catches.
We provide a cash payment for specified injuries where an accident is the main and direct cause.

You get one payout per accident for whichever injury or treatment gets you the most cash.
We encourage you to review the details in our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), including our claim checklist.

Injuries that don’t need surgery

$200 Cash
  • Sudden injuries to muscles, joints and bones.
  • Wounds requiring stitches.
  • Minor dental injuries.
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Injuries we cover include:
  • Sprains and strains to muscles, ligaments, tendons, or cartilage that happen suddenly (not from overuse, wear and tear).
  • Wounds requiring stitches or 2 or more visits to a registered nurse or medical practitioner for wound management.
  • Chipped or knocked (concussed) teeth.
  • Broken bones with a cast, splint or brace and dislocated joints.

Injuries that need surgery or major dental treatments

$2,000 Cash
  • Surgery in a hospital for any physical injury, like for a torn ligament or broken bone. 
  • Major dental treatments because of a cracked, knocked out or displaced tooth.
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Surgery and major dental treatments include:
  • Surgery in a hospital for any physical injury.
  • Cracked, knocked out or displaced teeth that require these treatments:
    • Crown work
    • Bridge work
    • Implants
    • Dentures
    • Splints
    • Root canal

Significant injury, loss or disability

$50,000 Cash
  • Traumatic brain or spinal injuries as described below.
  • The loss of limbs, or loss of sight or hearing that can’t be corrected.
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Significant injury, loss or disability includes:
  • A traumatic brain or spinal cord injury that results in the inability to move two or more limbs (arms or legs) that is persistent 1 month after the injury.
  • An injury that results in the removal of a hand, arm, foot or leg.
  • An injury that has caused a reduction in eyesight to below the Australian legal driving limit, that can't be corrected even with glasses.
  • An injury that has caused severe hearing loss in both ears that can't be corrected even with hearing aids.
We won’t pay claims that are a result of


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If you're riding a motorbike when your injury happens.

Work (except sport-related work)

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Paid work or employment isn’t covered (e.g. food delivery rider), except when the paid work or employment is a sports related activity (e.g. tennis coaching)

Any overuse injury, like shin splints

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We only cover acute injuries caused by accidents, i.e. they happen all of a sudden. Any overuse injury, like shin splints, runners knee and tennis elbow aren’t covered.

Pre-existing injuries or conditions

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If you have an accident that's caused by an existing condition or injury, or if you’re claiming for an injury you got before your insurance was turned on.

Dental injury when eating or drinking

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Dental injuries caused by food or drink including any foreign object in it while being consumed.

Travel outside of Aus, NZ or Japan

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If you're not in Australia, New Zealand or Japan when your injury happens.

Medical conditions and episodes

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Injuries resulting from accidents caused by medical conditions or medical episodes,  eg. you suffer a specified injury that occurs as a result of fainting, or a dislocated shoulder caused by chronic shoulder instability or a joint injury caused by osteoarthritis.

Booze and drugs

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Being under the influence of alcohol, taking illicit drugs, or taking medication in a way not as directed.

Intentional self-injury

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If you hurt yourself on purpose, that’s not covered. For example, popping your own shoulder out to prove to your mates you can.

Breaking the law

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If you’re injured while involved in an illegal act, you’re not covered.

Involvement in an illegal act e.g. assaulting someone or solo paragliding without the relevant certification

War or civil commotion

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If you’re hurt during an act of war, whether declared or not, hostilities, civil commotion, terrorism or insurrection.

Injury to a child caused by a parent

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Injury to a child caused by a parent, guardian or someone living with the child

That’s it, we swear.

What Flip users are saying

I would highly recommended Flip insurance, the claim process is exceptionally easy to navigate and all information for the process explained. My claim was processed and approved within a couple of hours. A very positive insurance experience which is a rarity nowadays! Well done to the Flip team!
Bodhi S
Flip were incredibly easy to work with and the process of putting in a claim is super simple. It is so easy to switch on your cover even if you think you don't need it. I highly recommend anyone who is active like me, who loves extreme sports, to get cover with Flip.
Carter G
The claim process is as straightforward as it could possibly be!
Daniel M | Mountain biker
I received great service from Flip, the communication was clear and professional and they helped me out when I needed it. The coverage is great, it covers all it needs to!
Dougal | Mountain biker
Flip is simple and I can choose exactly when I want cover. Signing up literally took less than two minutes. Being able to cancel when I don’t need it and get cover again when I do is perfect for my lifestyle.
Marie | Yogi | Runner | Cyclist
Person Climbing a hill on sunset
I’m always skeptical of insurance products and it being too good to be true, so need to find the catch. Not this time Flip’s the real deal.
Stitch | Runner | Boxer | Noob mountain biker
Mountain Bike Accident
Between all of my sports, I probably get injured more than most. I feel super protected with Flip because it helps with out of pockets gaps, and random expenses. I wouldn’t be without it for the peace of mind.
Ege | Soccer player | Indoor rock climber | Snowboarder
Snowboarder Performing a Jump