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Heading overseas? Don’t let injury spoil your fun.

Get accidental injury insurance for your travels with Flip Roaming and leave your worries at home. Whether it's a season, a race or a trip, make Flip Roaming work for you.

Personal travel accidental injury insurance for Australians abroad outside Aus/NZ.

Ski Japan, surf Indonesia or trek Canada with the peace of mind that you’ve got cover for a range of accidental injuries if something goes wrong.

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  • Cover for most activities including off-piste skiing
  • No need to report your activities in advance
  • Covers accidents in popular travel destinations
  • Can be used with other insurances for added protection
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  • Up to 70K in payouts
  • Instant cover, or schedule in advance
  • Checkout in minutes, no account needed
  • We approve most claims within a few business days
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Protection for milestones, not comfort zones

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Join the Australians who are using Flip Roaming for holiday accidental injury insurance.

Roam free with international travel accidental injury insurance

Flip can give you extra peace of mind whether you want protection for yourself or your child while travelling in our covered destinations.

For thrill-seekers and intrepid explorers, adventure awaits across the globe. You want to make the most of your trip of a lifetime, but accidents can happen anywhere, and medical bills can be expensive and complicated.

Don't let an unexpected injury ruin your trip – make sure you're protected with Flip Roaming.


How Flip Helps

Travel insurance and Medicare don’t cover everything

Your travel insurance may not provide accidental injury cover for all your planned activities while overseas, and it may not cover some injury treatments or medical expenses (we suggest you check). And once you’re back in Australia, Medicare may not cover hidden costs that leave you out of pocket during recovery.

Why personal accidental injury insurance is becoming more popular for travelling Australians

Aussies love to explore the world. 

Australians took over 8.3 million overseas trips in the 2023 financial year, with Indonesia, the UK and Fiji among the most popular destinations.

Accidental injuries can be expensive.

All those amazing international adventures can lead to accidents and injuries that travel insurance, private health insurance or Medicare don’t necessarily cover in full. The financial pain can end up hurting more than the injury itself, and put your recovery at risk.

Peace of mind for accidental travel injuries.

If you’ve got Flip Roaming activated for your trip and you’re unlucky enough to get hurt, we’ve got your back. If you get an accidental injury of a specified severity at a covered destination, you’ll get up to $20,000 in reimbursements for overseas medical care and $50,000 in cash payouts for eligible claims.

Uncomplicated travel accidental injury cover

Understanding what you’re covered for can be overwhelming, and sometimes you don’t realise until after something's gone wrong that you might have a lot of costs to pay. We've created simple cover for accidental injuries that happen to Australian residents travelling overseas in covered destinations. It’s easy to understand, with no complicated add-ons or hidden catches.


These could apply to both you under Flip Active, or your child under Flip Kids


I was skydiving at Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, landed face first and knocked out a tooth which required an implant denture.

Not covered

I indulged in a post-jump fondue, got food poisoning and had to extend my trip.


I smashed into a rock while whitewater rafting at Lake Louise in Canada. I cut my head and got stitches in the hospital emergency department.

Not covered

I left my backpack by the lake while I was whitewater rafting at Lake Louise in Canada, and when I got back it was gone.


I sprained a wrist while working as a ski instructor in Japan and needed two physiotherapy sessions.

Not covered

I sprained a wrist while working in a restaurant at a ski resort in Japan.


I bought Flip Roaming, dislocated my shoulder in Fiji, and then had surgery in the hospital.

Not covered

I dislocated my shoulder in Fiji then bought Flip Roaming and had surgery later that week.
Full details of your insurance including definitions are found in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), Financial Service Guide (FSG) and Target Market Determination (TMD) docs.

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Heading overseas? Check out Flip Roaming.
Get cash payouts for eligible accidental injuries that happen whilst you're covered (up to $50,000 on most products and up to $70,000 under Flip Roaming).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is travel accidental injury insurance?

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Flip Roaming is an accidental injury insurance designed for travelling Australians that pays you cash if you get hurt as a result of an accident in an overseas destination that we cover.It reimburses you for eligible overseas medical care and pays extra recovery cash if your injury is of a specified severity.

Is Flip Roaming a type of travel insurance?

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No. Flip Roaming is different from commonly available forms of travel insurance because it covers you for accidental injuries only. While it provides cover for the costs of overseas medical care you receive, it also pays you a set amount based on the severity of the injury you get. Some people use Flip Roaming alongside travel insurance for extra protection, if they are doing something not covered by their travel insurance. Read our PDS to see if Flip is right for you.

Do you cover extreme adventure sports while I’m overseas?

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Yes. When your insurance cover is active, you’re covered for almost any sport, hobby or activity (except motorcycling), even extreme sports like hang gliding or off-piste skiing. Check the PDS for more details.

How does Flip Roaming sit alongside travel insurance?

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Basic travel insurance policies may charge high premiums for adventure activities, or exclude some activities by default. With Flip Roaming, you’ve automatically got cover for (almost) any activity, including extreme adventure sports like skiing off-piste, running with the bulls, scuba diving, skydiving and base jumping (but excluding motorcycling), for the weeks you choose, for $80 a week. Check the PDS for more details.

Do I need to advise Flip what activities I plan to do?

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No. Flip Roaming automatically includes cover for (almost) any activity. Whereas some traditional travel insurance policies require you to pay high premiums or excess, or purchase add-ons for adventure activities. Check the PDS for more details.

What destinations are covered by Flip Roaming?

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You’ve got cover for eligible injuries in Japan, Canada, Indonesia, Fiji, the UK, European Union countries, Switzerland and Norway.

What cash payouts can I get with Flip Roaming?

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Eligible claims get up to $70K in cash payouts paid in Australian dollars direct to your Australian bank account. This includes overseas medical cash of up to $20K plus extra recovery cash of up to $50K, depending on the severity of your injury.

What can I use the payouts for?

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The overseas medical cash pays you back up to $20K for any eligible medical expenses you paid while overseas. The extra recovery cash of up to $50K can be spent on anything you like, from travel expenses, to rehab, to replacing damaged gear.

Can I get one-day insurance for accidental injuries while travelling overseas?

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At this stage, you can only buy Flip Roaming by the week to provide peace of mind for injuries during your overseas travel.

Who is Flip Roaming for?

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Flip currently welcomes Australian residents between the ages of 5 and 64 to purchase our cover for overseas accidents in covered locations. This includes international students, people on working holiday visas and people on temporary working visas. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy our current product if you or your child don't live in Australia or are temporarily in Australia as a tourist.

Does Flip Roaming cover illness?

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No. Flip Roaming covers you for accidental injuries (not illnesses) while you’re in covered destinations.

Does Flip Roaming cover travel-related expenses like lost luggage, damaged equipment or repatriation?

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No. Flip Roaming helps with the costs of Accidental Injury.

The Overseas Medical Cash benefit reimburses the cost of eligible Overseas Medical Care as a result of an Accidental Injury.

The Extra Recovery Cash benefit pays extra cash amounts for eligible Accidental Injuries.

If I have Flip Roaming, am I (or my kids) only covered for accidental injuries that happen while we’re doing adventure sports?

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No, when your insurance is active, you’ve got cover for a range of common injuries that might happen in an accident, whether that be from whitewater rafting to jumping out of bed.