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Going Skiing or Snowboarding?

Protect yourself (and your wallet) from accidents with ski injury insurance this winter.

About Flip Insurance for Snowsports
Snow sports are exhilarating but the risk of injury is high. Just imagine the convenience and peace of mind of turning on short-term ski and snowboard accidental injury insurance for exactly when you hit the slopes. You can shred hard and enjoy the thrill of your winter adventures knowing you’re protected for a range of injuries if something goes wrong.

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  • Includes cover for on and off-piste
  • Covers a range of countries
  • Instant cover, or schedule in advance
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  • No quotes or lock-in contracts
  • We approve most claims within a few business days
  • Checkout in minutes, no account needed
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Protection for milestones, not comfort zones

Flip it on
Join the hundreds of Australians who are using Flip for Snowsports

Hit the slopes with confidence

For first time on the slopes to taking on the black run, Flip can give you extra peace of mind.

While most Snowsports are safe and exciting, accidents can happen.

Don't let an unexpected injury ruin your trip – make sure you've got protection for accidents with Flip ski and snowboard insurance.

Why ski insurance for accidental injuries is becoming more popular in Australia

Aussies love the snow

Every year, Australians spend more than 2 million days skiing. With snow sports being a high risk activity, around 1,500 people are hospitalised each year thanks to skiing, ice skating and snowboarding mishaps.

Skiing injuries can be expensive

All those epic rides can lead to injuries that aren’t necessarily covered by Medicare, private health insurance or travel insurance. The financial pain can hurt more than the injury itself.

Ski insurance eases the financial pain of injuries

Snow sports are great for your physical and mental health, and if you’re on the slopes with Flip activated and get an injury that we cover, we give you a set cash payout within a few days of submitting your claim.

Uncomplicated accidental skiing injury cover

Understanding what you’re covered for can be overwhelming, and sometimes you don’t realise until after something’s gone wrong that you might have a lot of costs to pay. We've created accidental injury cover that's easy to understand, with no complicated add-ons or hidden catches.


These could apply to both you under Flip Active, or your child under Flip Kids


A tree branch ripped through my new ski pants, and I got a gash that needed stitches in the emergency department.

Not covered

I left my kit bag while I was skiing and when I got back it was gone.


I fell down some slippery stairs and shattered my kneecap which needed an X-ray, cast and specialist care.

Not covered

My feet were sore after being in snowboarding boots all day.


I sprained my wrist while working as a ski instructor and needed several physiotherapy sessions.

Not covered

I sprained my wrist while working as a bartender.


I crashed and broke my tooth which required an implant.

Not covered

I went to the snow, got food poisoning and had to extend my trip.


I bought a Flip subscription, tore my ACL and had to have surgery.

Not covered

I tore my ACL, then bought a Flip subscription and had surgery.
Full details of your insurance including definitions are found in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), Financial Service Guide (FSG) and Target Market Determination (TMD) docs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to buy Flip Insurance?

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Flip currently welcomes people that live in Australia, between the ages of 5 and 64.

This includes international students, people on working holiday visas and people on temporary working visas.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy our current product if you or your child:

  • don't live in Australia
  • are temporarily in Australia as a tourist

What counts as an accident or accidental injury?

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An Accident is a sudden, unexpected event i.e. you can pinpoint the precise time and location of when it happened.

An Accidental Injury / Injury is an acute injury or other physical damage to a person’s body that is caused by an Accident, and is unintentional.

It doesn’t include:

  • chronic injuries, like injuries from overuse, repetitive motion or wear and tear
  • accidents that happened before your insurance started or after it ended
  • medical episodes or medical conditions like illnesses
  • injuries caused by surgery or medical care.

Can I buy a Flip product to cover other people?

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Flip Kids (ages 5-17)
Must be bought by the kid’s parent or legal guardian. If you’re within this age range and want to be covered, chat to your parent or legal guardian about getting covered with Flip.

‍Flip Active (ages 18-64)
If you're aged between 18 and 64 and want to buy Flip Active, you can only buy that to cover accidents that happen to you - not accidents that happen to other people.

‍Flip Roaming (ages 5-64)
You can buy Flip Roaming on behalf of a child aged 5-17 living in Australia, if you are their parent or legal guardian.Flip Roaming can’t be purchased on behalf of another adult, or another child who is not your child.

‍For a Group (Group Active)
We also offer Group Active Policies for events, groups, teams or clubs. If you’re interested, reach out at

My Flip accidental injury insurance wasn’t turned on at the time of my accident. Can I claim?

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No. With Flip accidental injury insurance, you’re covered for a range of accidental injuries that happen while your insurance is active.

This means you’re not covered for anything that happens before your insurance starts or after it ends.

To see when your insurance starts or ends, head to your Flip Dashboard and look for your Certificate of Insurance.