Injury insurance for skiing and snowboarding

Flip it on and off for $6 a day or $9 a week.

Snoworries. Insurance for a range of accidental injuries. On-demand means you only pay for the days you want it. No waiting period, book up to 3 months ahead.

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Flip your ski trip

Flip is the first of its kind. We cover you for injuries that happen whenever you're adventuring, whether that's rock climbing, heli-skiing, or skiing on the beginner slopes. Get back to doing what you love, without the sting of unexpected injury costs.

From skiing to surfing, as long as your cover’s turned on. Get injured. Get cash. Get better.

Flip in action

Glen tore his ACL when he was skiing off-piste. Lucky Glen had his Flip Insurance activated.

He saw a specialist, made a lightning-fast Flip claim. He got paid $2k cash to help cover the medical bill, some physio or new gear.

What does Glen get?

With Flip ($9 a week)


Without insurance


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Create a Flip account

  • Join in under 2 minutes.
  • A few quick questions and you're done.

Activate your cover

  • To be covered you have to turn your insurance on.
  • There's no waiting period, cover starts straight away.
  • Check out the PDS and TMD to make sure Flip’s right for you

Claim in minutes

  • If you get injured when your insurance is active, claiming is quick and painless.
  • Gather the relevant evidence and submit your claim in less than 5 minutes.

Cash in your pocket

  • If we approve your claim, we pay cash to your bank account 💸.
  • Spend your cash however you want (seriously).

Frequently asked questions

What injuries are not covered?

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  • Injuries that existed before your insurance was turned on
  • Injuries not caused by an accident, like:
    • wear and tear or overuse injuries (e.g. shin splints, bursitis, chronic shoulder instability or tennis elbow)
    • medical stuff. For example, if you faint from low blood pressure and knock your head on the way down, that’s not covered.
  • Anything that’s not an injury, such as an illness.

    This is just a summary. Check out our PDS for the full detailed list.

What activities are covered?

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We cover most activities, so it’s easier to list the few activities we don’t cover:

  • motorcycling (which includes dirt biking)
  • anything illegal
  • accidents while working (unless your work is sports related e.g. sports coach or professional athlete)
  • anything outside of Australia or New Zealand

Here’s a list of just some of the many activities you can be doing (as long as they’re legal, and within Australia or New Zealand!):

  • horse riding
  • paragliding
  • surfing
  • chess playing
  • MTB riding
  • walking
  • lead climbing
  • boxing
  • karate chopping
  • deep sea diving
  • running
  • skiing
  • snowboarding
  • snowmobiling
  • e-biking
  • skateboarding
  • pogo sticking...

We could go on and on, but you get the idea.

What counts as an accident?

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It’s an event that happens suddenly i.e. you can pinpoint the time and location of when it happened.

The event is caused by something external to your body and involves an external force or object. For example, tripping or falling, or being in a crash or collision.

It’s also an event that’s unintentional. In other words, it's not planned or done on purpose.

What’s the waiting period?

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There isn’t one. You’re covered for a range of accidental injuries that happen while your insurance is on.

You’re not covered for anything that happens before your insurance starts or after it ends.

To see when your insurance starts or ends, head to your Flip Dashboard and look for your Certificate of Insurance.

What makes Flip accidental injury insurance flexible?

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We’re the first Australian insurer offering insurance by the day with our Day Pass purchase option.

We also offer a weekly subscription with our Always On purchase option that allows you to turn your insurance off any time.

The best part? It’s all digital, so you can sort your insurance in the palm of your hands within a few clicks.